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Love never goes out of style and your gift of love shouldn't either

A Unique Gift For Anyone You Love - Any Reason, Gender or Occasion
Poetry Offered In Matted Art Print Or Garnished Parchment Style Scroll, both ready for framing.

      Show what's in your heart......                                               
                                              Creations By Poet - Artist : Rose Marie Patricia Contala
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Is the one you love ordinary? Of course NOT! Then the gift you give, shouldn't be either.

Best Suck Up Gifts is a catchy name to pique your interest. But the gifts offered will show your love, how extraordinary they are. Only the depth of your heart will determine the reasons for giving these beautiful keepsake quality gifts of love. Beautifully presented poems that will touch their heart everytime.

"Stimulate my mind,  unfold my heart as the petals of a rose...  
                                                     There, our souls shall meet...." R.M.P.C ©

Keepsake Boxes And Other Poetry Printed Gifts Also Available

A small sampling of Rose's prose....

If I could raise your thoughts to my lips
I would feel you move through me
As I inhale all that you are
I would know the depth of you
by the way you cover and fill my soul
I feel you, when you are not with me
You move thru me, as a familiar waltz
A song I've known, for as long as time has set
You are in the wind and the colors of my dreams
Your voice completes moments
That were lost in another time...
Rose Marie Patricia Contala ©2000

I have known you forever...
From the first whisper at dawn
I felt your past path
Leading up from the depths
Of my soul's forgotten life
I knew your voice
As if it were an echo of my own
I felt your love
As if my heart were mirrored
I saw your passion
As the air
That breathed life
Within the flames of my desires
I heard your sighs
As a song
That had been my soul's ancient melody
I have shared these moments with you before
And will
In lives yet to come
Rose Marie Patricia Contala -©April 11, 2000

If I were Rain
I would fall gently upon your face
tracing slowly your image
saving each as a reflection
that will shine within the moons light
A tender fall within the curve of your lip
reminding you of the sweetness that is mine
A quiver from thoughts begin my decent
Anticipating all that...
my falling into you will bring

Rose Marie Patricia Contala ©June 04, 2000

Frames, NOT included. Demonstration only.

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