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Somewhere between true love and a dream
                                                                                  By Rose Marie Patricia Contala

This poem is available in matted art print or garnished scroll, both ready for framing

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Somewhere between true love and a dream
Lie the moments we share
The wonder of two reaching within the other
And finding themselves
Of holding the hand of the past
With a grasp of tomorrow
A need and a completion
A yearning and a comfort
Draws us back once more
As souls fill with all of the sunrises of a lifetime
And dreams within the veils of night
We search throughout our moments apart
For the time when we may touch again
Holding all that we are
So we are free
To be once more
Rose Marie Patricia Contala ŠAugust 05,2000

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Somewhere between true love
Frameable Matted Poem Print $35.00
Somewhere between true love
Frameable Poem Scroll $26.00
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